Article Forge Review – How Article Forge Works

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Article Forge is a content creation software that uses artificial intelligence to create high quality content in just 60 seconds. The software can generate content for seven different languages. It includes a keyword research tool and automatically adds videos and links to your articles.

While Article Forge can save you time, it is still a good idea to hire a human to edit your content. There are several reasons for this. You might want to tweak the key phrases, or you may need to fact check it. Also, if you write in non-native English, you will need to edit the text.

If you want to try out Article Forge, you can do so with a free trial. It offers a 30-day refund policy. However, you will have to fill out a contact form to start the process. Once you subscribe, you can also choose your preferred server location. And, if you decide to pay for the service, you can use PayPal or Google Wallet.

In addition to producing articles, Article Forge can rewrite existing content. This can help you get over writer’s block. As a result, your articles will have a natural writing style. Moreover, you can repurpose your content for other platforms. Additionally, you can create copywriting projects with the software.

With Article Forge, you can have articles that rank well on search engines. The software analyzes millions of web pages and translates them into original content. Using deep learning and an AI algorithm, it can write articles on almost any topic.

To begin the process, you can enter your main keywords, headlines and subheadings. The software also recommends other keyword phrases that match your intended intent. Afterwards, you can choose a specific length for the article. Plus, you can control the tone and richness of the content.

When you are ready to go, you can either click the generate button or select a custom category. After that, the software will arrange your data into a new article. Afterwards, you can edit it and make final changes.

Since Article Forge is a software, you can use it on multiple devices. It is compatible with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more. Furthermore, the interface is user-friendly. Although there is no live support, the help center is fairly extensive. In addition, there is a blog available on the website.

Another good feature is the API. It enables you to connect Article Forge to all the major SEO tools. Whether you want to publish your articles, schedule posts to your WordPress site, or just promote them, you can do so through the API.

Article Forge is also a great option for businesses. Not only does it save you money, but it also helps you reach a wider audience. Moreover, it is one of the few tools that produce content in several languages. Using Article Forge can boost your rankings on Google, and give you a leg up in the competition.

You can find out more about Article Forge by checking out its blog. Moreover, you can take a look at its affiliate program. By doing so, you can earn 25% off your subscription.