Article Forge Review – A Review of a Free WordPress Plugin That Generates Articles Based on Keyword Combinations

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If you’re looking for a free tool that will generate unique articles for your website, you should try Article Forge. This cloud-based application uses artificial intelligence to generate articles based on keyword combinations. You’ll never get the same article twice, and you can post as many as 24 articles a day.

The service uses deep learning and advanced artificial intelligence to produce unique, high-quality articles. This allows you to produce content more efficiently and at a lower cost than you would writing it yourself. The AI engine uses millions of articles to train itself to write intelligently about almost any topic. With the click of a button, you can generate articles that are unique and natural-sounding.

Article Forge also cuts down the amount of time that content professionals spend before publishing their content. This software increases the speed of posting articles, so they can be more visible on the web. It allows you to enter keywords for your site, article length, and optional sub-keywords. Then, the tool will generate the article, and send it to the location you specify.

Another benefit of Article Forge is that it eliminates up to 90 percent of content creation time and cost. It also eliminates the need for freelance writers and makes it easier for you to supply high-quality content for your website. It also allows you to schedule content online and post it automatically to your WordPress account. It’s also possible to customize the text you generate using the software. You can choose to write articles that range from 200 to 750 words, and even add images and videos related to your topic.

Another advantage of Article Forge is its ability to store articles. Once you’ve published your articles, you can download them and delete them or clone them if necessary. You can even upload articles directly to your WordPress blog using the plugin. However, you need to provide your WordPress login credentials to make this work. Furthermore, the plugin also requires a custom path for XMLRPC, which is vulnerable and easily exploited by hackers.